Ferusa is an RFID reader specially developed for battery operation. It is extremely environment-resistant and is intended to be mounted outdoors on walls, poles or vehicles. The reader requires no external protection to be used in Nordic outdoor environments and the shape and colour of the casing have been chosen to attract the least possible attention. All antennae are built-in inside the box. Ferusa primarily reads our active radio tags but can also read 2 analogue input ports. The reader contains a GPRS modem for communication with a central server. The reader can also be fitted with a motion sensor and a GPS and then functions as a GPS tracker. All data read is intermediately stored in a local memory to minimise power-consuming GPRS traffic. Configuration of Ferusa is done over GPRS or by means of our Nereid handheld reader. The electronics in the reader are of the highest quality and classed for extended work temperatures. Ferusa is powered by lithium batteries and can be operated for many years between battery replacements.